Table of contents

Part I    Reconstruction

This Part I  is thematic. Its aim is to make more readily accessible the texts  that I have written about the conceptual frame of reference of Jürgen Habermas’ theory of society.
For the sake of brevity: of Habermas’ conceptual model. In particular texts where I have reconstructed that conceptual model with the help of a mathematical tripolar model.

Part II   Relevance

In the second Part II are brought together all texts, published or non-published before, where I demonstrate how the reconstructed conceptual frame can be made fruitfull, hermeneutically: mapping social and societal situations and problems; heuristically: as frame of reference for theory formation in the social sciences, but as well as orienting frame of accountability at the one hand of societal critic and at the other hand for the design of alternative social and societal practices. Concerning theory formation in the
social sciences is the emphasis mainly on the science of economics. In short: Part two
is about the possibilities of use of the conceptual model.

Part III  Other writings

The main part consists of my doctoral thesis (1982) in Dutch; further selected parts of the book (written in Dutch also), with co-author Jack Vromen, regarding philosophical analyses of the distorted relation between economic theorizing and real life economical matters; and finally a couple of articles on didactics.

Part IV   Background information

IV.1 on Jürgen Habermas

References to his biography and his works, and to basic resources for main themes of his writings

IV.2 on Frans van Doorne

Curriculum vitae, and list of his writings, published and unpublished