Table of contents

Part I. Reconstruction  (https://www.fransvandoorne.nl/?page_id=3678) This part offers published texts that stepwise reconstruct and articulate Habermas’ conceptual frame of reference, and elaborate on it, with the help of a tripolar mathematical model.  In cursive: English translation of Dutch titles )

1. Kommunikatief handelen, zelfreflektie en rationele rekonstruktie. Notities bij Habermas’onderzoeksprogramma . (Communicative Action, Self-Reflection and rational Reconstruction. Annotations on Habermas’s Researchprogram)

2. Kritische notities en voorstellen bij Habermas’grondslagenonderzoek. De dubbelzinnigheid van het  begrip ‘kommunikatief handelen’ . (Critical Annotations and Proposals regarding Habermas’s foundational Research. The Ambiguity of the Concept ‘communicative Action’ )

3. Foundational Research as intermediate Function between everyday and socio-scientific Action. A Research Design.

4. Modeling a Reconstruction of Habermas’ Universal Pragmatics

5. On systematically Interlinking Experience and Analysis within a pragmatic Frame of Reference. A Habermasian contribution

6. Conceptual Architecture of Social Science according to Habermas. Reconstruction in View of Broadening the Set of Basic Concepts of Economics

7. The categorical Framework of Habermas’s Theory of Society and the Key Role attributed to Language

8. Reconstructing and Modeling Habermas’ conceptual Frame of (human) social Interaction

Part II. Relevance (https://www.fransvandoorne.nl/?page_id=1752) Part II presents published texts in which I have tried to show how this frame of reference can be made fertile for research in the social sciences, be it hermeneutically, heuristically and/or experimentally, mainly (in my use of it) for the discipline of economics. in cursive: English translation of Dutch/German titles

1. The Rationality Conceptions of Consumer Theory and of the older Choice- and Decision-Theory. An Analysis in the Light of Habermas’general Action Theory

2.  Die Struktur einer Sprechhandlung in Habermas’s Forschungsprogramm. Formale Analyse mit den Mitteln des tripolaren Modells.  (The Structure of a Speechact in Habermas’ Researchprogram. Formal Analysis with the Means of the tripolar Model)

3. On Broadening the Concept of Economic Rationality

4.   De transactiekosten theorie van Williamson en een maatschappijtheoretisch concept van rationaliteit (Williamson’s Theory of Transaction Costs and a Concept of societal Rationality)

5.  Conceptuele voorwaarden voor interdisciplinair sociaalwetenschappelijk onderzoek  (Conceptual Requirements for interdisciplinary social-scientific Research)

6. Over de rechtswetenschap en haar relatie tot andere sociale wetenschappen: de onmisbaarheid van een maatschappijtheoretisch referentiekader  (About the Science of Law and its Relation to other social Sciences: the Requirement of a theoretically articulated societal Frame of Reference )

Part III. Dissertation (unpublished) and two other texts (only in Dutch)

1. Naar nieuwe grondslagen van sociaalwetenschappelijk onderzoek. De ontwikkeling van Habermas’ reconstructieve filosofie in de jaren 1960-1980, I-XI + 280 pp. (1982 Erasmus University Rotterdam).
Title in English: Towards new Foundations of social-scientific Research. The Development of Habermas’ reconstructive Philosophy during the years 1960-1980 tch)

2. Gangbare economie en vormen van kritiek. (Mainstream Economics and Forms of Critique)

3. Begrippelijk kader voor een analyse van de relatie van economie en recht (Conceptual Frame for an Analysis of the Relation of Economics and Law.)

Part IV. Background information

1. Jürgen Habermas

1.1  See for his biography and the actual state of his activities:

–  www.Habermasforum.dk
–  http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/habermas

1.2  main themes of his writings (basic resources)

Habermas-Handbuch (Verlag J.B. Metzler,Stuttgart), 2009, VIII, 392  S., very competent introduction to Habermas’ oeuvre. Edited by HaukeBrunkhorst/Regina Kreide/Cristina Lafont.
Habermas’ Philosophische Texte (5 vol.)  Suhrkamp 2008. Each volume opens with an Introduction by Habermas himself. He characterizes the edition  as ‘a thematically ordered choice of essays that facilitate for students the access to the kernel of my philosophical conceptions’. ­

Auch eine Geschichte der Philosophie. His newly published major work in two volumes. Volume 1 Die okzidentale Konstellation von Glauben und Wissen, 918 pp. and Volume 2 Vernünftige Freiheit. Spuren des Diskurses über Glauben und Wissen, 820 pp., Suhrkamp 2019.
Ein neuer Strukturwandel der Öffentlichkeit und die deliberative Politik. Habermas’ latest book, 109 pp., Suhrkamp 2022.

2. Frans van Doorne

2.1 Presentation of doctoral thesis at the academic session at the Erasmus university Rotterdam 1982
2.2. About the many faces philosophy has shown me. Farewell lecture the day of my retirement 1998 (in Dutch)
2.3.  curriculum vitae F.J.M. van Doorne (in Dutch)